Cooler Lumpur 2017- Pins From The Future

BRONZE Best use of Cultural Insights in Design
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TBWA Kuala Lumpur


Cooler Lumpur Festival




How can we showcase our design abilities, as well as fit our client’s (The 2017 Cooler Lumpur Festival) theme of ‘Notes From The Future’.


To answer that question, we asked our designers, ‘what would Malaysia be like in the year 3020’ and asked them to imagine the impossible. We picked elements that are familiar to Malaysia (and Malaysians), especially those that have cultural significance – something that everyone know, understands, and can relate to.

For example, animals that are special to the country, like the orangutan and tapir, the ubiquitous teh tarik, the Petronas Twin Towers, Peranakan-styles Malacca houses, headgear like the songkok, and more. Once these items were selected, we gave them a futuristic twist.

The designs were then produced as enamel pins, and were sold at the festival. Visitors got to go home with a nice souvenir, and a glimpse of what the future could be like in Malaysia.


Chief Creative Officer : Gigi Lee
Creative Director : Fazlee Sabbaruddin
Copywriter : Carmen Cheong
Art Director : Chang Chun Boon, Olivia Ariferiani
Designer : Chang Chun Boon, Anlyne Chen, Olivia Ariferiani, Liana Azwa, Amirul Halim, Joanna Mak
Typographer : Chang Chun Boon, Anlyne Chen
Illustrator : Chang Chun Boon, Anlyne Chen, Olivia Ariferiani, Joanna Mak
Chairman : Sa’ad Hussein
Managing Director: Hui Tsin Yee
Senior Account Manager : Pauline Teoh
Head of Studio & Production : Andy Ng
Print Producer: Benson Clive, Shelly Ahmad