Goodbye Good Buy

MERIT Creative Effectiveness: Film & Branded Content
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Online Classified

Brief used to be the go-to spot for big-ticket items like cars and property. But it was fast becoming irrelevant to younger customers who frequently traded smaller items.

We were tasked with helping the brand maintain its relevance to a new generation of buyers and sellers.


We released a video together with a catchy song that cheekily contrasted the pain of losing with the joy of gaining.

This video then led viewers to a microsite, where they could then generate a “breakup letter” for their items from 1 of 50 humorous templates. Giving them something shareable, plus an instant spot on Malaysia’s largest Marketplace. The results? 34 Million Media Impressions, 55% Improvement In Brand Impression and a 70% Surge In Listings.


Executive Creative Director : Liew Sanyen                    
Creative Group Head : Chinwei Wong, Celestine Lau
Senior Copywriter : David Lim
Art Director : Lim Kean Woei
Designer : Estelle Lai                    
Programmer : Andrian Tam
Client Services Director : Jean Tang          
Associate Account Director : Sharon Hew          
Lead Strategist : Tanvi Singh
Production : Sotong Potong Studio