The Road Less Travelled

BRONZE Film (Broadcast & Cinema): Single
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Naga DDB Tribal Sdn Bhd


AirAsia Berhad




With AirAsia’s millennial target audience exposed to popular destinations regularly, our challenge was to sell their lesser-known routes, which included cities few have ever heard of.


So we created our films entirely on the road less travelled. The strategy was to romanticize these routes and turn unfamiliar destinations into brag points. But it was a familiar message to many. Preaching it wasn’t enough. We had to practice it. Creative and production teams explored mountain trails, back alleys, insignificant streets, random homes and quiet waterways in China and India, shooting content and writing stories.


Executive Creative Director: Alvin Teoh, Paul Lim
Creative Group Head: Rachel Hoo
Copywriter: Paul Lim, Candice Chhoa
Client Service: Terri Chua, Jeevan Segaram
Agency Producer: Sharon de Silva, Boon Hsin Lee

Production House: Think Tank
Production House Producer: Sare Raman
Film Director: Carolyn Chon
Director of Photography: Arvintharan Vallithan
Editor: Sean Yap

Audio House: Fuse Adventures in Audio

Client Name: Liew Wai Fun
Client Position: Marketing Manager