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Mudah is often perceived as a second hand marketplace, which is something the Chinese tend to avoid during Chinese New Year. How do we then market to the Chinese during this festive period?


The Chinese tend to hoard due to their thrifty nature. They do not have the heart or intent to let go of old items even when those items are inconvenient or have diminished in value. In a season of buying, we focus on selling! We created a mnemonic phrase in Hokkien - ‘Ho Ee Ki’ (Let It Go), and delivered the message through a catchy song and funny music video. It reminded people to let it go, to receive greater blessings in return. The catchy song and humorous film direction proved to resonate with the Chinese community: Over 5 million views within 1 month. Over 21,000 shares combined. 27% increase in “value for money” evaluation. Listings surged by 17% in just 1 month.


Executive Creative Director: Liew Sanyen
Creative Group Head: Chinwei Wong
Copywriter: Gary Hor Kok Chiu
Art Director: Celine Chung
Designer: Sean Liew
Songwriter/Composer: Tian Long

Group Account Director: Jean Tang
Account Manager: Sharon Hew

Mudah, Head of Marketing: Andrew Pinto
Mudah, Marketing Manager: Jasvin Dhillon

Production House: Sotong Potong Studio