Panasonic 4Kafe Food Truck

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Viera 4k UHD Television


To promote its brand new range of Ultra High Definition TVs, Panasonic embarked on a nationwide caravan tour to bring its range of products to the public. The challenge, however, was to communicate the product difference of the Panasonic Viera 4K UHDTV without inundating the target audience with technical information. Another challenge was to get the target to want the product, despite the current lack of 4K content in the market.


The consumer is always tempted by new technology, whether he needs it or not. But the purchase decision ultimately hinges on the experience of the consumer in viewing the product. Hence, to create this experience at Panasonic Viera 4K 4 Real Caravan tour, a food truck was added to the entourage. The 4Kaf_ food truck was bogus, with a cutout serving window which was actually a Panasonic Viera 4K UHDTV with a playback of chefs at work.


Creative Director: Teng Ing Siong
Art Director: Raja Yamani Raja Kamaluddin
Copywriter: Qirby Tan
3D Artist: Hong Yen Lee
DTP Artists: May Lew, Jenn Ee
Production Manager: Melvin Tan, Leslie Yue
Traffic Controller: Ong Hui Hui
Account Manager: Lim Sue Ann