Invisible Wall (Last Time)

MERIT CR9.1 Illustration - Single
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Care Latex


Skin Tight 66 Condom


Generally, people find condoms as a barrier to pleasure. So Care Latex decided to highlight our ultra thin variant, in order to be top of mind with our audience.  Considering our limited budget and legal regulations that prohibit us from being in print and magazines, our campaign had to be focused and targeted.


We created a series of posters that highlighted how we offered protection without being a barrier to experience. The posters featured used photorealistic 3D illustration execution to dramatise how our ultra-thin condom is like an invisible wall: there but not there. We chose to be where people go to meet people _ night clubs. The posters were discreetly placed in both male and female toilets as a reminder to always stay protected.


Executive Creative Director:  Gigi Lee
Creative Director:  Joshua Tay, Emir Shafri
Art Director:  Joshua Tay, Shireen Ang, Lai Wai Yeap, Gigi Lee
Copywriter:  Azeril Johari, Emir Shafri
Designer:  Joshua Tay, Shireen Ang, Lai Wai Yeap
Illustrator:  Joshua Tay, Yew Jun Ken
Typographer:  Lai Wai Yeap
Photographer: Image ROM
Account Servicing:  Herman Aziz, Michelle Ngu, Ong Soon Keng
Print Production:  TL Tan, Louie Hoo
Client Supervisor:  Tan Wei Xiang, Foo Hann Lim