Unfortunate Tales of a Treeless World

MERIT CR7.1 Music and Sound Design - Single
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Malaysian Nature Society


Conservation Awareness & Fundraising


Malaysia loses a football-pitch-sized area of forest every 90 seconds, making us 8th in the world for deforestation. Yet most Malaysians are unaware of the state of deforestation in Malaysia. Malaysian Nature Society, the nation’s oldest conservation NGO, wanted to bring this issue to light in a way that would engage our audience towards action. We also looked to reach Malaysians of all ages, regardless of race or socio-economic status and recruit them to our cause.


We chose to use what all Malaysians are familiar with _ classic fairy tales _ and reimagined them in a world without trees to show how deforestation can ruin these stories and ours.

We started by using building four reimagined “unfortunate tales” into 3D sets by hand using reclaimed mixed media whenever possible. We then worked with local composers and musicians to compose 6 soundtracks. Each track is an instrumental piece that takes our audience on a journey to match our reimagined classic tales. Based on a dark fantasy theme, we also carefully planned and selected the instrument choices to fit each tale. Plus, we also gave these tracks matching names to help audience gauge what is the message of the particular music piece.

These soundtracks were then used to bring our stories to life on various touchpoints, including microsite and mechanised booths, as well as made available for sale online and offline, with proceeds going towards MNS.


Executive Creative Director:  Gigi Lee
Creative Director:  Joshua Tay, Emir Shafri
Art Director:  Shireen Ang, How Wei Zhong, Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh, Cassie Ng, Joshua Tay, Gigi Lee
Copywriter:  Azeril Johari, Claira Chan, Emir Shafri, Jonn Dogra
Designer:  Shireen Ang, How Wei Zhong, Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh, Cassie Ng, Aaron Tan
Illustrator:  Eric Tee, How Wei Zhong, Yew Jun Ken, Lim Ling Li
Typographer:  Shireen Ang, How Wei Zhong, Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh, Cassie Ng
Photographer: Wizard Photography
Account Servicing:  Eliza Wong
Print Production:  TL Tan, Louie Hoo
AV Producer:  Robert Aw
Printer:  Hoffset Printing Sdn Bhd
Production House:  Directors Think Tank
Post House:  Postmotion Studio
Audio House:  Two AM Music Studios
Producer: Alison Yong, Wira Chon
Composer:  Anton Morgan, Bo Amir Iqram, Adriane Palikat
Sound Engineer:  Kitcheren Lee, Leong Kit Kuan
Prop Maker:  Huram Art & Design, Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh, Neo Yae-Ber, Chu Khong Liang, Muhd Thaqif, Chan Wai Guan, Asher Lim, Tay Jia Yun, Ezra Quek
Client Supervisor:  I. S. Shanmugaraj