MERIT CR3.1 Film Direction - Single


Grey Worldwide


Webe Digital Sdn Bhd


Mobile Service Provider


webe is the brand new digital mobile services provider (telco) in Malaysia.
They have no desire to be seen as yet another telco,
we were tasked to present them as different to all the competitors out there.
Where they have many plans _ webe has just one
Where they have data packages _ webe is unlimited
Where they are old school _ webe is 100% digital.
One simple, truly unlimited mobile plan with never-ending data, calls and SMS.


The challenge was to let people know that they didn’t need to feel held back anymore _ they can be set free with webe. We created a launch film that encapsulates everything webe is about _ unlimited, colourful, different and most of all, liberating. Following the never-ending theme, the video is shot in a single take, with a distinctly heightened and colourful art direction, featuring people being liberated to do what they love.


Executive Creative Director: Graham Drew
Group Head: Heng Thang Wei
Senior Copy Writer: Michelle Chong
Producer: Suzy Chiang
General Manager: Jo Yau
Account Director: Ashley Chia
Senior Account Executive: Cheryl Khoo
Account Executive: Benson Tan
Film Director: Rewan Ishak
Film Production House: Passion Pictures
Audio House: Two AM Music Studios
Composer: Chris Hurn
Post Production House: deTOUCHE POST