MERIT CR16.1 Art Direction - Single
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Hakuhodo Malaysia Sdn Bhd


International College of Music (ICOM)


Tertiary Music Education Courses


Musical talent does more than help you express yourself. It can lead to many exciting and lucrative careers. However, without that talent, a whole world of superstardom is locked away. If we wanted to say that the International College of Music (ICOM) offered the best solution, we first needed to prove that they could relate to this pain point.


When you lack the skills or guidance to play music, it can feel like your talent is caged in. So we used clever photography to bring this feeling to life. The copy then leads the reader to their solution.


Creative Director: John Dorai
Art Director(s): Kenny Pang, Clement Lim
Copywriter(s): Jeihan Lee, John Dorai
Photographer: DL Studios
Client Service: Loke Chew Ling, Majorie Ann
Print Producer: Chris Yeap