A Destiny Beyond Standards

BRONZE CR1.3 Copywriting & Scriptwriting Chinese - Campaign


180 Degrees Brandcom Sdn Bhd


Cuckoo International (MAL) Sdn. Bhd.


Household products


Although CUCKOO, one of the most prominent home appliance brands in South Korea, has already been in Malaysia for over two years, many Malaysians still had the misconception that CUCKOO offered only water purifiers. In reality, CUCKOO is one of the most acclaimed brands in the world for not only their water purifiers, but also for their pressure multi-cookers and air purifiers.


To solve the problem, we decided to produce a series of three short films, using the water purifier to lead the public into learning about CUCKOO’s other offerings. As this is the brand’s first foray into online storytelling, we sought to create a series of ads that are of a radically different style from common home appliance ads - to have an ad that is “Beyond Standards”, so to speak. So with all that in mind, we chose to portray our tale of a love story between a man and a perfectionist through the use of artistic cinematics and dramatic aesthetics that are not often seen in Malaysian media.


Executive Creative Director: Chan Fong
Creative Director: Chen Sin Fatt
Senior Art Director: Lee Sei Eng
Copywriter: Angeline Wong, Nathan Yong, Wang Ie Tjer
Designer: John Pang, Yap Park Mun
Brand Manager: Ally Yap
Assistant Brand Manager: Lim Siew Mei
Strategy Planner:  Ting Poh Wei