K-GIC Premium 2016 - Direct Marketing

MERIT C2.1 Best Use Of Direct Marketing - Single
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K-Gic Advertising Sdn Bhd


Advertising Agency


Brief: As a form of direct marketing, K-GIC brewed up an idea for meaningful, handmade handouts that are specifically gifted to our business partners and media owners.


To symbolise the conjunction of K-GIC’s 15th anniversary, the design of our K-GIC Premium was inspired by an idea of a spinning carousel cake. As economies become unfavourable, K-GIC decided to brighten up the situation; we designed the K-GIC Premium as a gift and token of appreciation for our business partners and media owners.

The main highlight of the K-GIC Premium is our little light bulb mascot, the K-GIC Man. When the K-GIC Premium is spun, the inside of our K-GIC Premium lays our K-GIC Man running in 3D form with its light bulb illuminating as he runs. With every spin comes a meaningful message; K-GIC is always running to keep our light bulbs lit and coming up with brilliant, strategic ideas!

The K-GIC Premium is fully customized and made with love by our K-GICians. Besides the K-GIC Man, we’ve accumulated our milestones from 2001 in a time belt that wraps around the K-GIC Premium showing our achievements throughout the years.


Executive Creative Director : Joe Lee
Creative Director : Samuel Kuan
Art Director : Loon
Copywriter : Stephanie Leong, Chor Wei