Live Your True Age, Actively

BRONZE C13.1 Best Branded Content & Entertainment - Campaign


Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid


Merck Sdn Bhd




ProblemSeven Seas is a health supplement brand that was quickly losing traction in an already saturated category. Competition had deeper pockets and by that virtue, had more visibilityInsight:As people age, it is a common misperception that there’s nothing they can do to remain as fit and healthy as they used to be. The body tires more easily, they’re more injury prone and they become slower.Seven Seas wanted to debunk this myth and champion their own tagline, “Age, It’s just a number.”


We worked with a former heavyweight champion of Badminton in Malaysia. For one, Badminton was a sport that most Malaysians could be proud of, and secondly, it’s a sport that has, on more than one occasion, brought the nation together.We did a re-telling of this Malaysian hero’s story through his lens and drove home the message that even as a retired professional, he was still going strong. He still played competitive games on a semi-professional level, he still coached and above all, his age did not deter him from continuing in his pursuit for Badminton excellence.He essentially was the personification of age being just a number


Executive Creative Director: Sathi Anand
Creative Director: Wong Sen Kiat
Copywriter: Pathmarajan Varatharajan
Art Director: Jeremy Tai, Cathy Chen
AV Producer: Amin Taib
Account Management: Gavin Teoh, Abigail Tan
Traffic: Mohd Faris
Production house (Reservoir Productions) : Ismail Kamarul, Soh Chia Lok, Sabrina Wong