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The One Academy


Kuan Sook Chiung


Kuan Sook Chiung


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all physical exhibition has to be cancelled. Thus, a virtual grad show is created to showcase the final year projects of these 22 graduates from TOA’s Diploma in Digital Media Design programme.

An integrated online campaign is created featuring 22 unique characters, each representing one student in the batch. The virtual grad show is designed to be a party, celebrating the creative project’s outcome of each individual. A series of social media activities to promote the virtual grads how includes promotional announcement post design, customized Instagram filter, fundraising, count-down post design and eventually the virtual grads how URL announcement.

The virtual grad show is an online VR experience, allowing users to browse through a variety of works ranging from motion graphics, film, augmented reality, and UI/UX to virtual reality.

Group Members

Adzeem Zainal,
Ahmed Eidan Abdulla,
Amanda Yau,
Andrew Lee,
Chow Kin Bing,
Chuah Yun Wen,
Gan Hong Yao,
Jasmine Ang Cheng Xiu,
Ku Yu Qi,
Lee Kim Sheng,
Lim Li Ming,
Lim Lin,
Loh Ze Yan,
Myrza Nurlina,
Nicole Ho Le Yi,
Nuruddin Sani,
Shi Jin Tan,
Tai Yi Xuan,
Tan Li Xuan,
Teo Zhao Cuen,
Tong Yi Ning,
Yoong Boon Chun,
Alven Lim

Other Credits