Zoo Negara Takes Over Google For Adoption

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The One Academy


Louise Ooi


Louise Ooi


The imposed of movement control order (MCO), which took effect on March 18, 2020, has affected Zoo Negara Malaysia’s lacking funding and ticket sales. Zoo Negara has rolled out a campaign to raise funds. But the majority are still not aware and don’t care about this financial crisis that Zoo Negara encountered. The creative solution is to challenge this status quo with a real-time contextual idea that influences the user’s online content searching behaviouristic.

The strategy is to leverage a growing trend of users’ frequent search content on Google Display Page. Animated communication is seeded to hijack the Google Display Page content to engage the user for donations. With the call for action interaction design, it leads them conveniently to make their donation to the Zoo Negara.

Group Members

Chew Meng Zheng,
Lim Chee Yong,
Tan Ju Ey,
Lee Chun Shen

Other Credits