BRONZE Most Innovative Idea
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IACT College


Nicola Wong Oi-Pyn




A creative problem that has never been solved and a platform that has never been done. We present Unravel.

We understand that creative courses are not widely accepted in Asia, especially when raise in a strict family. Hence we built Unravel.
Unravel is an easy to use online mind mapping platform for students to share and discuss struggles faced in the creative course, because we are unable to communicate our creative problems to our “non-creative” family and friends. It aimed to be an outlet, a community and a moral support system created by creative students for creative design and advertising students. It is about unraveling your tangled and confused mind when you are stuck over something or facing issues. Giving moral support and understand the struggles of being a creative students, a platform for them to feel belonged and to feel understood.

Group Members

Creative team:
1. Victoriya Titova
2. Samantha Chua Suke Jean

Other Credits

Students (talents) shown on the presentation boards are:
1. Neo Yae-Ber
2. Horgan Yap Jun Xian
3. Suria Kumar