Pimple Revolution

GOLD Best self-promotion


Raffles College of Higher Education


Fiyon Neau




Self-branding is a self-reflection of my self as a young designer. Every young designer has gone through the pimple.  People may not fully understand just how pimple can affect more than only your skin, it impacts your entire life in genuine ways; it influences your self-esteem and emotional stress.

The individual with pimple feel embarrassed and might even lead them to feel a sense of guilt or shame as if you are somehow responsible for your pimple. “I don’t,” and I’m aware every pimple in my face depicts my focused and struggle for consistent work while sticking to my initial vision to be recognized as one of the ICON, my pimple revolutionizes who I am as a future designer.

The bubble foam on the business card & book symbolizes pimple, via the utilization of the small details at the side & cover of the book to bring out the perfection of the pimple face. The book uses pimple paste raw materials and unconventional techniques to portray “pimple” in a more realistic presentation.

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Chrystal Chao Ci Xin

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