BRONZE Digital Craft - User Experience & Journey Design


Raffles College of Higher Education


Alice Teoh Joo Miang, Jason Ong Jit Sim


unTangle Service App


Since young, the word “presentation” gets my head all over the place. There was nothing I could do but to face it head on. Surely, I needed help. Thus came the idea of Untangle.

Untangle is an app that helps you get your **** together. Today, millennials spend more time studying compared to previous generations and they have more competition. Social acceptance has also became one of the main factors of anxiety. This app provides a space for users to practice public speaking efficiently to help them familiarise with their speeches. At the same time, the users can have a supportive environment and boost their confidence through an online community. They are able to connect easily with public speaking professionals to learn from them as well.

The app is presented with a soothing and friendly feeling. When one gets lost, you look for guidance. Untangle, a personal squishy blob acts as users’ guide. Remember that you do not have to face your fears alone!

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Vivian Loi Yui Jing

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