Haidilao Self-heating Hotpot Meal

BRONZE Static Visual Aesthetics - Illustration (Hand-drawn)
Haidilao Self-heating Hotpot PresentationBoard_02.jpeg.jpeg
Haidilao Self-heating Hotpot_02.jpeg.jpeg
Haidilao Self-heating Hotpot PresentationBoard_01.jpeg.jpeg
Haidilao Self-heating Hotpot_01.jpeg.jpeg
Haidilao Self-heating Hotpot_03.jpeg.jpeg


Dasein Academy of Art


Lim Ken Peng, Eric Chew Lian Chang




About The Product
Haidilao Instant Hot Pot Meals can be prepared using only room-temperature water. It comes with a heat pack. It is activated in water and can induce enough heat to steam a small container of ingredients. Haidilao Instant Hot Pot Meals come in few different flavours.

The Brief
Create a series of posters targeting its main focused group – Young working adults.

The Solution
A child often doodles to express his emotion, a business people uses doodles to map business plans and strategies. Therefore, the need to draw is very much hardwired into our brain. In fact it is argued that creating doodle images predates verbal language. The poster series depict the joy of eating at any given time and place, without the hassle of waiting and preparing.

Group Members

Illustrator: Lee Zi Hui

Other Credits

Creative Director: Lee Zi Hui