BRONZE Best Film & Audio Craft - Cinematography




Nur Asfarina bt Ab Aziz




The Challenge
Not all athletes are born equal. We have found that in Malaysia, over 50% of girls don’t play competitive or individual sports and over 25% of girls stop playing sport between the ages of 14 to 17, because they don’t see a future. There are too many barriers stopping their progression, such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, lack of access, inequality, opportunity, lack of role models and many more. Adidas believes in the power of sport to change lives.  Adidas helps to put that belief into action. Adidas truly believes in their slogan ‘Impossible is Nothing’. Adidas wants to encourage the females in Malaysia to defend their barriers.

The Idea
This Adidas advertisement features our national tennis player Ms.Theiviya Selvarajoo being an example to all the women in our nation. This advertisement focuses on a poor girl who found a tennis ball from the garbage and how the interest on the ball turns to be a passion. This film ties in the messages about defendin

Group Members

Director & Editor: Siveranjini Tamil Selvam

Other Credits

Cinematography: Riknaveen Maniarasu, Vijay Krishnan
Music: G.S. Tharmann
Cast: Theiviya Selvarajoo