The Power of Cube - Frost

BRONZE Best Film & Audio Craft - Cinematography


Camou Academy


Anthony Wong


School Branding



A world,  polluted by a mist from space,  endangering   human   kind.

What will the Division do to ensure   the survival   of the city?


Year 2100,  a meteorite   fell into a city and releases   an unknown   yellow mist.  The Division   is task to create an anti-gene
for the population   so that they can survive the mist.  But the greed of trying to be the most powerful in the city,  they had change   their own,  into animals.



Year 2100,  the city has been polluted by an unknown   yellow mist,  for human to survived,  they have to inject and anti- gene call Z02. But the people of the Division   has all been evolved,  due to the fact that the Division   has been using animal genes to create their own anti-gene,  therefore   they have been turned into animals.

The Division   found out that,  using   a rare white wolf genetics,  one would permanently   stop using the Z02,  and

Group Members

Director: Jackson Low

Other Credits

Producer: Angie Thing
Make up Artist: Jachie Thing
Cast: Dyishin, Moonly, Wong Xiao En
Editors/CGI/VFX: Jackson Low
Director of Photography: Jackson Low, Triple