Pangkor Island

SILVER Best Film & Audio Craft - Film Direction


The One Academy


Tan Chin Seng




It’s a short-mixed media film feature the fading culture and the population of Pulau Pangkor. It’s all started with a local senior explain about his youth experience in Pangkor during the 70s, which covers his father’s secret fishing techniques, and the process of selling the catches to fishery suppliers.

The film depicts where the fishery was shipped to and how the locals made incomes from the dried seafood industry and handcrafted fishing boat building industry. The locals explained what’s it like during the festive of the birth of gods in Pangkor’s town.

But what comes after that was the reality of the Pangkor island today. Labour intensive jobs were replaced by young Burmese and Thai foreign workers. Living in Pangkor is leisure and quiet. This shows the lifestyle of old folks in Pangkor. Many of them displaying a sign of aging due to the decreasing of young Pangkor peoples. Most of the younger locals moved abroad for better opportunities.

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Chew Li Shen

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