Dang Ni

MERIT Digital Experience - Digitally Enhanced Physical Experiences (includes physical digital installations, AR, VR, mixed-reality, Internet-of-Things, etc.)


The One Academy Penang


Leong Wai Khong, Jeremy Yeoh


Arduino - general


Bring everyone of different ages back to their childhood by reminding them of the snacks they used to buy from the sundry shop when they were kids. As people often tend to grocery shop at supermarkets, traditional sundry shops are urged to transform into mini-supermarkets. By touching a touchable object, users are able to listen to the familiar sounds they used to hear whenever they go to a sundry shop.

Group Members

Chen Wei Teng & Natasha Keowmang
Chen Wei Teng - Art Director, Miniature Modeller, Videographer, Editor
Natasha Keowmang - Programmer, Miniature Modeller, Videographer, Editor

Other Credits

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
Artworks inspiration: Chong Fei Giap