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Nicola Wong




Malaysia’s unemployment rate among youths is soaring. A major factor cited by potential employers is that 59 percent of fresh graduates can neither speak nor write well in English.

Many Malaysian Malays like shortcuts to an easier life (see: Bumiputera privilege) but are stubborn about changing their lifestyle.To encourage young urban Malays to become more proficient in English, we collaborated with Astro Kasih to create a language-learning app, Cubit², English in a bitesized format, based on the philosophy that just a little bit a day can take you far. We introduced a set of equally snackable characters called the Snack Gang, with Pak Lemak as a wise mentor on the user’s journey to English comprehension.

Users can choose to learn in a variety of relatable Malaysian scenarios, all starring the Snack Gang characters. They are also able to choose their settings, such as difficulty and learning intensity, and collect coins as they learn that allows them to customise even further.

Group Members

Copywriter: Valentina Ho Shan-Mei
Art Director: Ng Wu Ken

Other Credits

Artist: Ng Wu Ken
Animator: Ng Wu Ken
Designer: Valentina Ho Shan-Mei