ADISTRY Graduation Showcase Book

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The One Academy


Debbie Chin, Darry Lum, Chan Kon Loong


ADISTRY gives a whole new meaning to artistry. With our own individualistic skills, 20 designers were born to create their own kind of design kung fu. We believe in honing our own unique qualities to carve out a place for ourselves in the industry. To obtain this skill is to always be passionate, humble and continuously cultivate the right attitude and discipline. With these techniques we have gained for the past 3 years, we are finally ready to showcase our unique art forms while continuously striving for the best in our work and in ourselves.

Group Members

President: Su Yaw Cheng, Vice President: Delfina Carey, Treasurer: Tan Wei Ren, Videographer: Shanita Lyn Kumar, Art Director: E Wan Kei, Copywriter: Soung Xin, Photographer: Siah Tong Chern, Designers: Lim Yong Hong, Liew Yu Xuan, Ngo Ngoc Minh, Yong Kay Ren, Natalie Chen Ru Yi, Production Team Leader: Soh Zhen Hong, Rowena Cheah Li Chen, Ong Sing Wei, Hoo Pui Woon, Public Relation & Marketing Team: Koh Hui Ying, Amira Hanisah, Guo Yi Xue, Chong Kheng Ying.