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INTI International College Subang


Yong Vin Sze, Sean Lee Chee Keong


Photo Novel


Photonovel, a form of sequential storytelling that is illustrated with photographs, narrative text and word balloons claimed to be a good media to communicate cause and effect, and emotional subjects effectively. By implementing this media with extra initiative in cinematic photography to enhance the overall communication, ‘Mirror’ is a photonovel series that revolves around the issue of unresolved conflicts and struggles between a single mother and her son, Shun. The conflict of the story arises from Shun’s dissatisfaction with their life due to poverty as well as pressured by the influences of the society which lead to difficulty in emotional management and eventually cause aggressive actions or even violence.

Group Members

Chan Siun Keat, Luo YunXu, Aya Komori

Other Credits

Chan Siun Keat, Luo YunXu, Aya Komori