Ketupat's Story

BRONZE Best Film - Branded Films (includes online and TV ads)
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IACT College


Nicola Wong




To encourage young urban Malays to become more proficient in English, we collaborated with Astro Kasih to create a language-learning app, Cubit², English in a bitesized format, based on the philosophy that just a little bit a day can take you far. We introduced a set of equally snackable characters called the Snack Gang, with Pak Lemak as a wise mentor on the user’s journey to English comprehension.This TVC introduces the app through the story of a young ketupat who struggles to connect with those around him due to a language barrier that leads to miscommunication.

Group Members

Copywriter: Valentina Ho Shan-Mei
Art Director: Ng Wu Ken

Other Credits

Animator: Ng Wu Ken