Kong Dou Zhun, Wong Dou Zhun

BRONZE Chinese Copywriting


Ensemble Worldwide


Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd




Listerine, a premium mouthwash brand and market leader in the Malaysia was experiencing a decline in sales especially during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. The Chinese market has always been the main contributor of the business but oddly enough, it was during the CNY period, the brand experience its lowest de-growth vs to the rest of the year.


Based on a culturally common yet overlooked truth - Every CNY, singles are constantly faced the same awkward questions asked by their elders and relatives such as: When are you going to get married? we launched “Kong Dou Zhun, Wong Dou Zhun” (‘Talk To The Max, Prosper To The Max’), implying that a confident mouth faces awkward questions with ease.


Executive Creative Director: ensemble worldwide
Production House: Creative Walk
Film Director : Kang
Executive Producer: Jason
Line Producer: Jaja
Director of Photography: Loh