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For centuries, the Ang Pow has been given as a blessing during auspicious occasions. However, the true cultural meaning of the Ang Pow has been lost as focus shifted to the cash inside rather than the blessing that comes with it.

Maxis created the first ever plantable Angpow, where givers can write their blessings on the Ang Pow and receivers can plant and watch their blessings grow.

Our task?

To create a Chinese New Year film that:
1. Introduces the plantable Ang Pow
2. Tells a heartwarming story


It’s no secret that Chinese love money. We were taught the importance of money since young. Sometimes, we forget what truly matters in life.

So, we created a short film about a cheeky, money-minded boy’s relationship with his aging grandma, to remind viewers that the most special gifts are the ones that money can’t buy.

At first, all that the young boy is concerned about is the money his grandma owes him for plucking her white hair. Later on, he realises that time with his aging grandma is more precious and decides that money is the last thing he wants from her.

To cleverly introduce our plantable Ang Pow, we gave it an important role to play. The main plot twist happens on the Ang Pow itself, when the boy scribbles on it, turning the blessing his grandma has given him into his own blessing for her.

The result?
- Organic video reach: 3M+ views and 25,879 shares; equivalent to media value of RM150,656.
- Unpaid media value: Equivalent to RM252,735.


Account Director : Elaine Giam
Account Manager : Ashley Tan
Creative Group Head : Tang Wai Hoong
Head of Design : Boyle Wong
Head of Art : Chui Tuck Loong
Senior Copywriter : Lim Min Tze
Art Director : Will Lim
Designer : Paris Kan